What kind of caliber restrictions do you have on your range?

We don’t restrict one type, or a few types of calibers. We only have a speed restriction of 2000 fps and over.

Can I have my pistol in my pock, or does it need to be in a holster/case?

You can have your pistol in your pocket, being it is unloaded, or in a pocket holster. We recommend having it in some sort of case.

I hear you’re allowed to holster draw, is that true?

For the public this is not true, we only allow drawing from the holster as part of qualifying for a private security company, or law enforcement on a slow day.

Is my lane timed?

Your lane is an all-day rental, there is no time limits. If you leave then decide to come back later. Find your name on the sign out sheet, and this includes gun rentals.

So there is one second in between each shot right?

No, there is no “one second rule” we need a break in between each shot however, or a “breath of pause” rule.


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